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Public Speaking examples from Apple and Samsung Keynotes

This week, we cover public speaking examples from the most recent iPhone and Samsung Galaxy launch events- and what we can learn from each one of them. 

Unsplash and Placeit: free alternatives to ugly stock photos

Stock photography is a multi-billion dollar market, expected to reach $20B by 2020, but your standard Google search will still yield watermarked iStockPhotos and Shutterstock and they are all pretty much the same crap.

Facebook Watch: Facebook Video's new weapon against Youtube

Facebook (and therefore, Facebook Watch) had a paradigm shift since its inception back in 2003. While social, and the ability to interact with others has always been at the core of the platform, the type of content that you go to Facebook to consume has shifted drastically. 

What the hell is Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency is booming, and it's going mainstream. Bitcoin broke $10,000 per unit in November 2017, and since then, more and more people have become interested in this internet 'curiosity'.  

NASA Posters and Instructions on the Voyager Golden Record

NASA designed some fantastic travel posters as part of a brilliant marketing stunt for their Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  The 'Visions of the Future' posters feature planets and moons that we could potentially reach in a few thousand years, and presents them as traditional travel posters.