Your slides: More stylish and stunning than ever
September 25, 2018

Your slides: More stylish and stunning than ever

September 25, 2018
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Your slides: More stylish and stunning than ever


This year we've definitely had some significant changes in the platform! Besides the refreshed look and improved dashboard that we recently released, we have come up with new implementations that you'll love even more!

All of the changes are made thanks to the feedback that we receive from you, that's why our customer's opinion and experience in Slidebean is crucial for us.  With this in mind, we developed a portal where you can vote for the next feature that you want to see in the tool, as well as to submit your ideas and requests!

So, without waiting any longer, here are the latest updates:

New themes & palettes


With the help of our design team, we recently added new Themes and Color Palettes to the tool. Now, you can make your slides look fresh, stylish and stunning with just a couple of clicks.

Make sure to apply them to your slides and your next presentation will be unforgettable!

Dashboard thumbnails


Now, with the new thumbnails, you can choose to play, edit or even track your presentation, directly from your dashboard.  Also, you can quickly change the name of the presentation with just one click over the presentation title!

Since these are the most common actions that our customers take when working on a presentation, we added in the dashboard thumbnail an easy and direct access to the key options that you'll need when working in your deck!

Color sets


We made some improvements in the color set options inside your presentations! Slidebean automatically applies your selected color palette by alternating each color set on every slide. By automating that for you, the presentation gains a sense of rhythm without losing its unity.

With this new update, it will be much simpler to change the color palette combination on each slide,  since you'll be able to tell from the color menu,  which color will be applied to these elements: background, highlight, and text color.

Be aware that the color sets can be completely personalized with the custom palettes that our Premium Plan offers!

Temporary undo


Now that we have more themes and palettes, we decided to implement an undo option, so you can try them out with the possibility to go back to your previous pick! That way, you're able to undo themes, palettes and font selections without any issues, and yes, this is real.  

Immediately after you do any of these changes, you'll see a blue "undo" button appear on the lower left slide of your screen.  You can click on it if you want to go back to the previews theme, palette or even font that you were using.

These are the main changes that we've done lately! Let us know which one you like best in the comment section.