Finalist from Techcrunch Battlefield - NY 2016

May 11, 2016

Finalist from Techcrunch Battlefield - NY 2016

May 11, 2016

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The Startup Battlefield at the Techcrunch Disrupt Conference has become one of the most well known pitch competitions in the tech industry. Twenty companies are chosen to compete in battlefield out of thousands of applicants and given a chance to pitch on the Disrupt stage, along with two wildcard companies that are chosen by the audience. The perks of participating includes automatic investor and media attention, along with a few thousand qualified visits to their site but only five companies are chosen at the end to compete for the grand prize.

The team at Slidebean has collected and replicated the startups pitch decks from the event. Here are the 2016 TC Disrupt-NY Startup Battlefield finalists:

Top 5 Startup Battlefield-NY Finalist:


Bark is a company that is focusing on helping parents look for signs of bullying, mental health issues, drugs, predators and also sexting; with the means of keeping children safe without invading too much privacy.


This companies focus is to make gaming live-streams interactive. The platform allows people to interact with their favorite streamer's gameplay in realtime. TechCrunch says "you can think of it as a Twitch WePLay that actually works".


An Argentinian company that is looking to change the LATAMs game in electronic payment. Bitpagos main goal is to leverage new development in payment technology with the hopes to help reduce fees and facilitate faster, simpler, safer transactions with clients worldwide.


Ritual is a company thats plan on revolutionizing the vitamin by not only making it more beautiful but by also zoning in on key nutrients. The company believes that traditional multivitamins aren't doing women any favors which is why their team of scientist created a pill that has the only nutrients you need to make you not only look but feel your best.


The company uses intelligent robotic systems to help lower aquaculture lifecycle operation costs of subsea infrastructures. SeaDrone Inspection, automates fish farm inspections using a tablet and subsea robot that is basically an underwater drone. Fish farms can manage the system with only the SeaDrone and the tablet controller, and pinpoint specific places for the drone to inspect.


Move aside average water filters, WaterO is the next generation water purifier. The WaterO countertop water purifier fits perfectly on your kitchen counter while filtering particles over 5000 times smaller than the average bacteria. The companies main goal is to change the standard of pure water, right in the comfort of your own home.