Startup Pitch Deck: Understanding Investors in order to Win.

Rather than “walking like an Egyptian,” thinking like an investor is more the right way to go into this dance. You’re in the business world, trying to make your startup pitch deck succeed and reaaally trying to get investors to like you and back up your work and company. We get it!

And our best piece of advice on which to expand today is: Stop and think like an investor for a minute. Here are punctual ways in which to exercise this thought for a while:

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- Think Like An Investor

You know? Put yourself in their shoes. Really position yourself the way they could be looking at yes, business in particular, but how they see life from their business standpoint altogether. As an angel investor, your priorities differ from everyone else’s by the time you share a room full of potential business connections.

And part of that is knowing that, while you may think investors are ready to put the money in their pockets out on someone. There truly is a part of it all that is about making revenue, and profit. The work is about adding figures to their investments rather than risk to their accomplishments.

Turn your view around, and position yourself in the VC seat of that auditorium for a minute.

  • What would you like to hear?
  • How would you like to see it delivered?
  • Do you not think there is a chance the perfect business pitch varies from the hours you are putting into your startup pitch deck presentation?

Maximize that. Make the best out of that notion. You are in this to make it - or break it, and putting yourself in your investors’ positions is one sure way to cover your ground and have your bases covered. Do it! Go for it. You have literally nothing to lose but a bit of time giving this homework a try, which is why we imagine you are here reading this, correct?

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What Is Something You Can Give Investors?

Forget about taking for a second. And this might sound awfully daring given you are most probably looking at pitch decks as a way of selling something, getting a point across and putting yourself out there in order to get funded in return. There is nothing wrong with that as that is exactly that for which the word pitching stands. Yet, try to come at this from a different angle for a second. Bear with me on this.

As a business person, the likelihood of you being the person who is solving and executing for your startup or business is very high. Best case scenario, you might be one of the few to step out of your business mechanism and endeavors to actually rise above and share a bit more about your company vision and mission; what you are set out to achieve in the business direction in the long term.

However, and in spite of all the merit there is in everything you are most likely already doing that is described above, investors love people who can go beyond that to understand their needs more horizontally.

Better yet, from a place of knowledge and teaching while sharing rather than anything else. This is not to say patronize anyone. It is not a matter of showing how much better you are at analyzing what is an investor’s bread and butter. Do not make this about territories.

What is in it for an Investor

On the contrary, shine with what you know could give investors something new to consider or a novelty about which to think, really. As a matter of example, think about a Brazilian construction company in its initial stages.

Most likely in a room full of investors, some will have the expertise of investment in the precise construction and material world in the Eastern part of South America; most will have heard of the political context to some degree, yet chances are you will be the one comprehending exactly where the market and business stands in regards to its fertile grounds and challenging areas.

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Stress those factors out that not only make you look like the expert in your field that you are, but that also lets investors have a chance at actually taking something relevant they have learned in return. This might be key in wanting to foster communication with you, also.

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Why Investors Care about World Changes

And why should you, also, care about the way in which the world is changing? Both go hand in hand. The way in which the world changes every second creates one awfully important item for entrepreneurs: opportunities.

Investors are not building or creating things per day, week or month. Their daily living, on the contrary, means being out in the world actively listening through meetings with significant numbers of people to understand exactly where relevant changes lie in order to make the best of business opportunities in those new gaps. Thereafter, the job of looking for new companies to satisfy or insert themselves in those areas comes just quite logically and naturally.

Make Changes Relevant to Your Startup Pitch Deck

The more you take the world and its current changes into account by the time you deliver your startup pitch deck can be a way of significantly showing how you understand variations in what would otherwise be misconstrued as set landscapes. Through this knowledge, you have the ability to impact an investor quite positively as you address user behavior and technology updates of the latest kind, for example. This refers to analyses in ways that can be nothing but fruitful to your business vision and your overall presentation of your product or service.

In filtering what events become crucial, take those that further exactly why this time is the best one to be producing the kind of efforts in which you are invested. It is not a matter of knowing politics or eventful aspects of today’s world changes for the sake of it; it’s a matter of correlation with your business vision and how taking those happenings works favorably, to whatever degree, for your business model, strategies, traction, or wherever best applicable.

We hope this has helped some in getting you to think a bit outside the norm in the startup world, which means more in the succeeding kind of business efforts and less in those that must eventually hault. Our best to you - always.

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