Three Top Startups to Look Out for in 2021
Angelica A.
December 13, 2019

Three Top Startups to Look Out for in 2021

Angelica A.
December 13, 2019
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We are doing a potpourri on this one; scouting for the top startups to look out for in 2020 across diverse industries to give a varied little menu on three most-possibly leading business startups for next year. Our chosen industries of focus are:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Agriculture
  3. Fintech

The Riveter

Women-Centered Real Estate Startup

Let’s get this started with The Riveter, a female-centric co-working startup. Can you see the change of paradigm in the presentation line of this upcoming business? This is not some 2019 invention, but a 2-year old company baby that is already operating across the United States in around 10 locations over 7 cities, including LA as much as Portland and Dallas. 

Counted as 50.8% of the overall US population, the focus on women is a majority above the almost equal 50-50 ratio in regards to male-to female population data in the country. By 2022, you could be a part of their 100 location goal or just watch them from afar and wonder how much more than the $20.5 million they raised around this time last year they could have made since you last read this. Abiding by the precepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, the company works on a membership-based consumer model in a very stuffed market, indeed. With a main office based out of Seattle, Washington, they operate under the slogan “Built by women, for everyone,” which aims at inclusion rather than segregation.  

Its differentiator, beyond creating comfortable spaces for real estate that have been mostly tailored with women in mind, is more aimed at being a “provider of a shared workspace community and office services created to value and empower women-owned businesses” as several company profiling websites such as Craft encapsulate. In fact, this sense of a shared workspace turned into a supportive community of course includes individual office spaces with dedicated, private or floating desks, but it also - and perhaps more importantly - includes rooms for meditation, fitness and even retail. The idea behind this is to allow business-driving women proper office services along with experiences that ensure their wellness.

Perhaps one of their strongest and most under-sold points from a startup perspective is the access they give to, in their words, “a robust network connecting our members to each other, and to the resources they need to accelerate their businesses and lives.” Part of the benefits they feature on their website’s home page is how “members have access to The Riveter Office Hours, offering unparalleled, intimate access to VCs, financial, startup and small business experts.” Definitely a great perk when it comes to networking experiences for startups! Don’t you think?

Founded in 2016, this private entity raised $16.2m through its latest deal, a series A funding round; and currently works under the hands and minds of 41-50 employees. Who knows how many they will need eventually!

Kray Technologies

A Drone-Based Agriculture Technology Startup

Mixing aerospace and agriculture into one, Kray Technologies is amidst the top startups to watch out for in 2020. With “the most efficient form of crop protection application” as Kray Technology puts it, they have come up with a “drone built to replace AG planes.” For those of us not so familiarized with this industry, these AG planes refer to the usual crop duster aircraft that we most commonly associate with aerial application of pesticides or fertilizers. 

Currently still in seed funding status with a convertible note for an undisclosed amount as its last funding event, this company is based out of Ukraine and has a couple of investors in its trajectory and at least one advisor to the board. Founded back in 2015, the company is already generating revenue. Their input to the agricultural world as we know it comes from the first ever digital and fully unmanned drone crop sprayer in the world. It makes it incredibly efficient in terms of spraying, being able to legally process above a thousand acres per diem on its very own. The drone application saves up on fuel with battery charging needs and it also spares on considerable aircraft maintenance. Of course, it significantly reduces staff costs with a superb performance record that saves up on about 9/10s of the usual application costs. 

Of course pesticide volume control has been accounted for along with computer vision enhancement as a part of this 70 mph vehicle design of a drone, as well as trajectory adjustment in movement that takes soil and other obstacles into account to adapt to changes in the terrain as much as to objects in its path.


Irish B2B Payment Solutions Startup 

We all know wire transfer fees are a big pain, especially the international ones, which is precisely why this next startup that spares up precisely on those costs is one of which you may have already heard.

TransferMate is in fact the best-known Irish B2B payment solutions provider at a worldwide level; one that has managed to integrate the best accounting tools the industry has to offer with systems typically tied to company resource planning.

With an alert on exchange rates, yet also with the option available to business users to lock in rates for fixed terms to somehow regulate currency ups and downs, for example, the company headquartered in Kilkenny manages to give its users the advantage of gaining the most value out of each executed transaction. The number of transactions to date across diverse parts of the world, with the amount of countries and currencies handled, makes of this 9 year old a money transfer giant.

In fact, if you were to open TransferMate’s website at this time, the first thing you would find would be a timeline that takes you through the company’s milestones from its founding date back in 2010 to today, with the landmark being how “ING invest €21m in TransferMate for a minority stake and agree[s] a new strategic partnership.” This is where TransferMate stands at this point. As they affirm, the company is seeing “thousands of clients booking millions of dollars in money transfers every day” and have numerous awards, including “Deloitte Best Managed Company Award and the Deloitte Gold Standard Award,” the “HSBC European Business Award” and Fintech Ireland’s Best Payments Company for 2017. 

Quite the trill, right? To see these diverse startups rocking their industries for diverse as they are. Hope you enjoyed! Ready to get to work on your own startup needs? Here’s a link to our diverse presentation template database and other startup articles. Stick around to learn more!

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