Video Production

We are launching a new product at the end of March, and this time we decided to do so with an ad. Our budget for this was roughly $15,000 for production + distribution (ads).

We are super lucky to have 4 people with a video production background in our staff. While we don’t do that in Slidebean, we can join forces to produce ads at a fraction of what they would cost when outsourced.


Our last production probably cost us around $5,000. About $1,000 for actors, sound,… And ~$4,000 in the time that it took our team to plan and execute (though this wasn’t ‘extra’ time, just the cost of the people on staff).

This is INSANELY cheap. We borrowed the sets for free, owned most of the gear we needed, etc…

What we expect of this:

Huge brand awareness. We are doing pre-roll ads on Youtube at ~$0.05 per (30 second) view. This means even if the ad sucks and doesn’t get any shares, we should be looking at ~200,000 30 second views, and probably +1,000,000 impressions.


Not expecting conversions for now. We don’t know how video-ad to conversion actually works, so we can’t guarantee that we’ll see a direct ROI in users.

Just to clarify- even though the ad is rather fun we are not expecting it to ‘go viral’. You should never expect that out of any campaign.


What software do you guys use for the creation of that video Ad?
Editing in Final Cut Pro ($299). Post Production on After Effects ($49/mo). But that’s the ‘easy’ part. Developing the concept, script, and shooting it was by far the hardest part.

What if I wanted to do an interactive animated video, would VidIQ be the best option?
After Effects would be the way to go. VidIQ is mostly for YouTube stats and SEO.