5 Social Media Management presentation templates

March 4, 2020
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Let’s face it. Social media management seems to be all fun and games until you have to involve tasks as strategy, planning, and reporting. What once was thought of as a completely creative work, comprised of nice copy and cool images, is now a complex part of the marketing communication that is important for almost every brand.

Whether your startup is dipping its toes in the water of digital marketing or you are an experienced social media manager who works for your own brand or for an agency, these templates are created to make your work easier.

1. Social Media Strategy Template

This is a comprehensive presentation that involves everything from the type of content and social outlets available, to the budget and the sharing plan. This social media strategy template will make it easier for you to draw a complete picture of your actions for a semester or even a year.

Image contains a social media strategy template

2. Social Media Report Template

As you move forward with your strategy execution, you need to be clear on what are the key performance indicators (KPI´s) you will be tracking. This template will provide a set of elegant and straightforward slides that will allow you to present some of the most relevant numbers.

Image contains a social media report template

3. Social Media Kit Template

A social media kit works very much like a press kit, and it is perfect whether you working on SEO, or are a community manager for a startup or small brand looking to improve its presence online.

Image contains a social media kit template

4. Social Media Marketing Plan Template

This template is perfect for social media marketers who want to show users the advantages of working with them. They'll know which social media sites their product performs best on, how their campaign compares to those of competitors, what you offer on the creative end, and what you're doing to meet or exceed their specific goals.

Image contains a social media marketing plan template

5. Social Media Proposal Template

The Social Media Proposal Template will be useful for those scenarios where you have to present a specific campaign, designed to attain a goal within the strategy. It even includes the calendar and accompanying digital assets.

Image contains a social media proposal template

If you fell in love with these templates and want to find even more that you can download for free, browse all Slidebean Templates section and, why not, try our app for free!

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