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This article logs the different version changes on the Slidebean Financial Model

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May 9, 2023

Blank Financial Model

Latest version: 4.0

Fix History
3.0 - Created new cap table functionality. - Removed NPV functionality. - Added Support for 2023 and 2024 start date (also removed 2019 and 2020). - Added support for multiple rounds of funding in the Projections Sheet. - Changed Charts & KPIs capital requirements to show 1-18 and 1-36 month requirements. - Removed capital requirements line from FS-Month, as well as dimmed text on rows 101-103. - Fixed the Months to Reach profitability formula to account for all FS-Month 93:93 instead of just the last cell. - Start dates for all employees are now linked to model start date. - Fixed formatting on SG&A and COGS (Align-left). - Made spending categories editable from the Settings Sheet. - Connected Data validation dropdown on all sheets. - Removed ‘Other’ Category. All categories are now manual. - COGS expenses are not classified by default, since they don’t necessarily constitute use of funds. - Fixed a Depretiation issue on the CAPEX sheet, row 46
3.1 - Added Fiscal Year and Taxing Month functionality - Added a simpler input field for CAPEX expenses
3.2 - Fixed an issue where Payroll taxes and benefits were not accounted for
3.2.1 - Branding changes to new Slidebean palette
3.3 Added Help Page
3.4 Added start dates up to 2026. Updated color scheme
3.5 Fixed a bug that used the Team & Salaries benefits to scale annual salary increases
3.6 The depreciation formula on row 62 was not including the computers expenses. Fixed.
3.61 Renamed projections sheet to 'Assumptions'.
3.7 - Fixed formatting issues on Settings Page. - Changed description of initial capital. - Left alignment on Team & Salaries Sheet - Hid funding section on the Assumptions Sheet. - Standardized text sizes to 12
3.8 - Included new basic model map on the Intro sheet. - Changed sheet colors to match model map nomenclature.
3.9 - Added support for VAT/Sales tax. - Fixed formatting problems on the Totals lines on the Revenue sheet. - Changed default start date to 2023. - Added IFERROR exceptions for the KPI Charts Sheet
3.91 - [Ongoing] major branding and UX revamp - Removed CAGR estimation from FS-Annual
3.92 - Fixed an error that showed the incorrect Net Margin for the company when using the Sales/VAT functionality.
3.93 - Fixed a bug on the FS-Month sheet that caused errors when exporting to Microsoft Excel: row 94 (effective interest rate) referenced the sheet 'Cap Table', instead of 'CapTable'.
3.94 Fixed format/compatibility errors when exporting to Excel.
3.95 Added a hidden model map sheet
3.96 Fixed an issue with the Cap Table interest rates
3.97 Fixed a formatting problem with the Revenue Growth on the Revenue KPI charts (% vs #)
3.98 Formatting fixes on KPIs, Cash Flow Charts, and Cap Table
3.99 Included information on the financial modeling course
3.991 Fixed an issue with the Capex Depreciation estimation, that caused some assets to depreciate twice
3.992 Data Inputs sheet formatting - blue
3.993 Fixed an issue with the Customer Support team payroll (Referencing incorrect cell on the Staff sheet)
3.994 Typo on Revenue cell A74 Changed formatting on Slidebean CTAs on the SG&A Sheet Added the 'Dividends paid to investors' functionality on the FS-Month and FS-Annual sheets Changed "Profitability not reached" text for better formatting
3.995 Fixed References and formatting on the Revenue KPIs sheet
3.996 Added Templates CTA on the Revenue Sheet Improved Welcome Page formatting for Excel Exports
3.997 Improved Cash Flow Charts Page Removed Financial Modeling Course CTA Added Financial Modeling Spirnts CTAs
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