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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are presentations kept private? 

Yes, private presentations are kept in our secure server and our team does NOT have access to any of the content. For more information, visit our Privacy Settings section. 


2. How do I share a presentation?

We recommend sharing your presentation directly from Slidebean, using the sharing URL that the tool generates for you. Still, you may also request PDF export, or embed the presentation on your website. 


3. Is there a free Slidebean plan? 

We do not offer a free plan on Slidebean. All users are allowed to try the features in Slidebean with our limited trial. Once an account plan has been activated, there is no option to return to the trial version.


4. Is there a student or academic plan?

Yes, we offer Slidebean Academic for students and teachers. You can read more about it here

Helpful Videos

Slidebean Introduction Webinar by Slidebean co-founder and VP of Design, Vinicio Chanto. 

You can subscribe to his weekly webinar here: 

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