How To Hire Presentation Designers

Our 6 facts about presentation designers are here to answer a few questions on presentation design. And a bit more than that. 

We’ll focus right now on presentation designer hires and the entire presentation design hiring process. In the end, we’ll uniquely link that to storytelling. And we’ll wrap up with a brief mention of all the basic elements of a slide. 

Stick with us! We hope you enjoy the ride over our small share of presentation design basics. 

How to hire presentation designers

Hiring a presentation designer can be as easy as hiring anyone on Fiverr. Yet, depending on where you look, achieving a great presentation design by a freelancer or other professional service can be much easier than that. 

You don’t necessarily need to browse endlessly through wide-arrayed markets such as freelance job posting websites. 

There are, moreover, valuable presentation design agencies. Slidebean’s, for instance, has been created to help startups, entrepreneurs, and any private or public parties with top-notch quality in presentation design. 

Slidebean’s specifically experienced as a presentation design company. However, that expertise stems not only from being a successful startup in software that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI.) As a company, we also make our team of designers and business experts available. They can be of invaluable help for anyone’s business pitch, for instance.

Check websites, professionals, agencies, or seek word-of-mouth advice on someone for designing purposes. Yet, please also weigh in the risks, diverse benefits, and costs associated with every single option here. 

Why hire presentation designers?

Why would you need to hire a presentation designer, though? 

Our first bet is you’re looking to impress an investor or potential business partner. It can be someone you know can help your company thrive. And those naturally require stunning slides that compel that reader or audience to your content. 

If that’s the case, it should be tied to reaching an end goal. Typically, at least under the mentioned scenarios, those have to do with rounds of funding. 

From bootstrapping to series A, B, or C, successful startup pitch decks are necessarily ground-breaking in quality. 

In private settings, salespeople really need their best product demo to look absolutely brilliant, as well. And marketing presentations simply need to be smashing if we want our pitches to move along impressively. Students, for instance, whether under or postgrad, could use a hand with their master thesis defense slides, as well. Or these services might come in handy for a great-looking final course presentation to help our end grades. 

Do I need to provide the content?

In most cases, it’s in the clients’ best interest to provide the content that will feed their presentations. 

However, as in the case of financial models, for example, those can also be customized for a fee. These are completely intricate calculations and projections on a business' financials, just in case. 

Financial models can be so easily populated as a personalized tool that we publicly and freely share the spreadsheet that Slidebean has used for 5+ years. It's certainly helped us manage a profitable operation. Put data into templates or give them to specialists to handle. Those are both valid options. 

We can only guess not every company’s offer is the same as ours. Check around for offers. See if they can also handle taking ideas from you to materialize those into finished presentation slides. Some companies, like ours, can offer these within 24 hours or more. 

In fact, we’re so confident in what we do, based on pure and hard-earned winning startup experience, we’ve even brought together a network of experts who are available for 1:1 professional sessions. 

These subject matter experts range from investors to founders. And they can assist in build pitch decks and financial models. Those are even running free on our Founder’s Edition plan, by the way. 

That’s our one-stop shop for startup founders in case you’re unfamiliar with our pricing

Why is storytelling so important?

It might sound odd to include storytelling as part of our 6 facts about presentation designers. However, it would be a bit pointless to recommend focusing on achieving the greatest pitch deck and not refer back to the utter need for a business presentation (almost any presentation for that matter) to be founded on effective storytelling. 
Storytelling in a presentation design matters is actually the title to a full blog reading we have. Access it at any point. In it, we cover in greater detail why storytelling is essential. It's especially focused on compelling pitch decks and other material. 

Essentially, “Through storytelling in a presentation, stories draw readers and audiences into your content and captivate them.” Telling stories goes back to times immemorial. Paintings in caves tell us of our ways of constantly understanding the world in linear terms. And those ring true to the most honest of oral traditions. 

Storytelling is a way to keep audiences engaged. It ensures slides flow most smoothly while conveying a vital and key message. They build a plot up to a climax and control its reach with engaging content. Such an arrangement helps come up with captivating slides. 

What are slides made up of in themselves, though? Let’s get to that now. Bear in mind this will be our final entry in our 6 facts about presentation designers. 

What are the basic elements of a slide?

In a nutshell, the basic elements of a slide are title, text, images or graphs, and design. There are tons more to consider amongst those. Color, branding, text size, image quality, pie charts, and other graphs or structures are a part of that list.  

However, a slide essentially contains a title. It should refer to the content being presented in that particular section. Then, it should include more relevant text, if you've got any. If not, presenters can refer to a graph or image, as well. 

However we fill them, slides can come with transitions, audios, videos, and more. These are all basic tools that can add dynamism to a slide. 

How you structure a set of slides, though, is what we call a slide sequence. And those make up a full presentation. 

Presentations can comprise at least 10-25 slides, for example. And they come with a whole underworld of endless possibilities. 

Our CEO’s complete presentation guide covers entire sets of slides much more thoroughly. Make sure to check that out if you need or are just up for a more complete run at all the elements that make up a winning - and entire - presentation. In this case, we’re more focused on successful pitch decks for startups, as well, of course. 

Go for it, make beautiful presentations

So far, we’ve designed thousands of decks, which means we’ve perfected and streamlined our process over the last 7 years.

With our experience, we can assure you we believe in high-quality presentation design. 

Go for a presentation designer if you can afford one for an ultimate presentation result. Not having to book one for all slides at once, it’s also possible to pay for tune-ups to a single slide or two at a time. Either way, we sincerely wish you find all that for which you were looking - and so much more!

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