How to take action in 7 steps
Angelica A.
September 8, 2020

How to take action in 7 steps

Angelica A.
September 8, 2020

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Tough times can leave us hopeless, and it might be challenging to see through setbacks in a way through which we know how to take action. Coming out of that rough patch is hard. There’s no point in denying it. But we hope these 7 steps on how to take action can kickstart your plans and get you to do what you desire the most, whether that’s at a personal or at a business level. 

Reflect on where you are and what you need

First of all, taking action can be different for so many people! Never compare yourself to others in this way. Every person’s path is singular, and they’re all valid. For some, the first step might be to look for help and read about how to cope with challenges. If that’s you, you’re here, and you’ve done it! Celebrate your accomplishments as they’ve already gotten you so far! 

For others, it might mean starting a new business, making tons of revenue overnight, and consistently trying to hit the jackpot. Though hard statistically speaking, that’s also a valid option. 

Wherever you are in your path today, we want you to feel like you can take your first steps into what you wish to accomplish, whatever that bar might mean for you - and only you. Also, accept the measures you need to learn how to take action. Acceptance is just one more step in that. 

To get you started, take a deep breath, visualize where you are, how you’ve gotten to this point, and where you want to be. Doing so should help an overall understanding of the state of things and assist you not only into gaining awareness of what’s worked and what hasn’t in the past, but also to set a vision for what you wish to accomplish in the long term. 

Start with an idea 

Every new endeavor starts with a great idea. You might already have one in mind. Maybe you don’t, and that’s also ok. 

If you do, write it down and put it into words. Start by speaking of it to someone or a few people who love you. Once you feel confident, share it with a potential business partner if this is business-related. Talk to a relevant stakeholder if it isn’t. That step alone can be the start of something great. 

Be ready to hear different approaches to what you had in mind as you do so. The evolution of that to which you gave birth is a natural part of the process, don’t take it personally. Remember that people who think outside the box aren’t afraid of dreaming, regardless of how little or big they dare and want to do so.

If you don’t yet have any idea of what you’d like to do, especially in business, we’ve jotted down new business ideas for 2020 to beat the recession. We also wrote on 14 innovative startup ideas for 2020 and even expanded on How to start a business this year. 

We hope these stimuli can get your mind rolling, and, if they don’t, browse topics of interest. Dig into your passions, spend time doing what you know you love, or pick up a long-abandoned hobby. Doing what accelerates you can get your motivation going, and that’s when great ideas come to light. 

Be realistic

Stay grounded, even when you dream big. Unleashing your imagination is perfect, yet we also need to come back down to Earth and take a look at our physical needs to solve them. 

At a personal or at a business level, maybe you’ve realized a few aspects of your life or business aren’t quite working out. Set yourself goals on how to take action regarding those areas. 

Look more closely at the areas that concern you. Distance yourself from them to figure out what’s not working about them. See them like an isolated, detached puzzle. Then change in that vision what you can so that it does work. 

You might realize that your study can be more than just analysis. Jot down what you see can easily change, and list other aspects that require a lengthier focus. Break those areas down into specific little steps. Can you take any immediate measures into fixing what wasn’t so great? See it as one more step in the direction of making dreams a reality. 

Make action plans

Once you know what you want and where you want to get to, you can start drafting a map of how to take action to get there. You don’t have to figure it out right away or have in it all the relevant details, but you can undoubtedly start sketching and penciling down some of the visions that are circling your mind. 

Make that plan a vision board. It can even become a business plan. If you haven’t drafted a business plan out of a lack of energy in writing a 40-page document, for example, we have news for you. Our best piece of advice on How to Write a Business Plan is: DON’T do it!

Don’t underestimate what you’ve envisioned this far. On the contrary, make the best of what you’ve got to keep you moving. 

Build alliances 

If you’re thinking about a startup or new business, you’ll need a team on board with you. So, talk to the people you have in mind. Find a business partner if you need one. If you do that, look for someone you know you can work with for a long time, through thick and thin. That alone can save you. And, if you already have a running company, create alliances that help your business grow. 

Talk to your friends about your new needs if that’s as far as you can go for now. Even that is very valid. In the end, you’re calling on your support networks. And reaching out can be a much gentler action than we conceive ahead of time. 

Many people might also be thinking about the same concept we are but are too afraid to write that introductory email or make that linking phone call. Maybe they even need you, but can’t quite see the advantage of that. 

Help others see what you can bring to their table for their profit, as well. It’s not anyone’s fault that they haven’t considered bigger or different options. You can make that happen for potential partnerships or strategic alliances. 

Become a part of a community 

Similar to above, you can also look for people you’ve never met who are doing what you are. Talk to mentors, seek startup, or business owner programs. Go online for forums, read blogs and leave comments, network on LinkedIn or similar platforms, reach out to that person whose podcast you’ve been listening to, comment on that Instagram account, or join a Facebook group. 

Seek to become a part of a community that understands, supports, and hears you out. If this is the only one out of all our 7 steps on how to take action you can follow, do just that. Reach out as much as possible and to the best of your ability. Doing so can open doors of vision and opportunity for you. 

Focus on the positive aspects for a bit

Last but not least, try to look at the positive things you have going for yourself as it is. It can be hard, and it’s perfectly valid to live days when you aren’t able to do that. The truth and reality of your business or the place where you are right now can be daunting to the point where taking action seems like an unattainable effort. But it’s worth the practice to try to be positive about the good things we have going on for us. 

Maybe the above means taking a day to spend more time with family, finish a long-abandoned project, lie in bed, and read at least a page or chapter of a book that you could never finish. However big or small the step you take, congratulate yourself for trying. Keep up with your intent to take action, and start again tomorrow, if you can. 

On the business side of things, delegate what you can if you have that resource available. Speak up with relevant stakeholders about the areas you no longer feel you can perform at your company’s best for now. And define what you’re doing great as a company for the time being. Maybe you need to take a new look or reconnect with your founding team or co-workers. Focus on that and talk to others about it. 

The goal here for a moment is to list everything that’s going great around us, whether that be in our entrepreneurship or our personal lives, and nurture that aspect for a little bit. Reconnecting with that can be a fueling force to go back to all 6 steps we outlined above. Yes, it can be a cycle. Our business and personal lives work on a natural cyclic nature indeed. The better we can embrace that and work with it to our advantage, the more impactful we can be in our actions. 

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