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The Assumptions Sheet

The Assumptions Sheet lets users input key variables impacting business forecasts. It includes sections like Capital Expenditures and Loans, guiding the automatic estimation of costs like computer purchases and setting depreciation periods for various assets.

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March 14, 2024

The Assumptions Sheet in the Slidebean Financial Model is a critical component for laying the groundwork of your financial projections. It allows users to input key variables that directly influence the business forecast.

On a our blank/free financial model template, the Assumptions sheet is mostly empty, and it is to be used as a dashboard to keep all programatic financial model assumptions in one place. On our pre-built financial model templates, the Assumptions sheet is pre-populated with the inputs from the financial model map.

Here's a breakdown of its main sections included on the free template.

For specific details on the our pre-built financial model templates, please visit the corresponding page:
- SaaS
- Marketplace
- eCommerce
- Mobile App

Capital Expenditures

Automatically estimate new computer purchases for new employees

Default Value: YES

This option, when enabled, automates the estimation of new computer purchases based on the number of new employees. Device purchases are automatically added to the CAPEX sheet, and Depreciated accordingly. See Depreciation.

Price per computer
Default Value:  2,000

Sets the cost assumed for each computer purchase. This figure is used in conjunction with the automated estimation for new computer purchases.

Time for Assets to Depreciate

This section allows you to set the depreciation period for various assets. Once an asset is depreciated, the model automatically triggers a re-purchase/replacement of the asset, based on the original price, plus the accumulated inflation.

Notice how all values except for computers are blue, which means the designation can be edited according to the company's needs.


Default Value: 3.0 years

Office Fixings

Default Value: 10.0 years

Office Furniture

Default Value: 3.0 years

Telecom Equipment:

Default Value: 5.0 years

Servers & Other Tech Infrastructure:

Default Value: 5.0 years


Default Value: 5.0 years


Default Value: 3%

The assumed annual inflation rate. This percentage only impacts the estimated replacement/re-purchase value of depreciating assets.


This section allows you to estimate the default loan terms for any loan financing the company takes. Loans amounts can be added directly on the FS-Month sheet, and are amortized on the WK-CAPEX Sheet. For more detail now on how loans work, see our article about Loans.

Base Interest Rate

Default Value: 7%

The default interest rate for loans. This can be adjusted based on actual loan terms.

Base Term

Default Value: 24 months

Description: The default term length for loans, expressed in months.

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