5 Best Slideshow Templates and examples in 2022

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

5 Best Slideshow Templates and examples in 2022
March 10, 2022

Slideshow Presentation templates are a quick and safe way of producing new material. When looking at those on which to start crafting a presentation, it’s good to know which ones work best. Hence, and to ease your troubles, we’ve created a list of 5 of our best presentation templates for 2021, and we’ll justify our choices appropriately. Join us and see what you think!

Best Slideshow Templates

We’ll highlight 5 of our best presentation templates for 2022 in each particular industry for the sake of fairness. We’ll thus be going over a business template, one specific to startups, another for academics, one for marketing, and another for sales. 

  • Startup pitch deck presentation template
  • Marketing presentation template
  • Business plan presentation template
  • Sales presentation template
  • Story Outline presentation template

1- Best startup pitch deck slideshow template

As part of all of the presentation slideshow templates by Slidebean, we have tons of examples of different pitch decks that helped now-famous companies get funded. Our startup pitch deck template is our most classic template, perhaps the most suitable for most startups as a reference point. Even though it was a close choice, we decided to highlight our investor deck template, instead. Why?

Well, look at it! Suiting 500 startups’ recommendations on how a pitch deck should be, we created a 12 slide pitch deck. This template’s just great at sorting out potential investors’ interests and needs. The pitch deck is simple, yet goes straight to the point. 

Its strength lies in its capacity to synthesize a business effectively. The template structures the slides in a way that flows. It also calls for graphs, video, bullet-points, background images, a bit more lines of text, and more where appropriate.

The above quality makes the template easy to follow. Yet, it also gives users an excellent opportunity to reach a potential investor in a compelling way that works. 

- Download it here: Investor deck template

Image contains a startup pitch deck presentation template

2- A top-notch marketing template presentation template

Not just aimed at marketing-related companies, we’re highlighting our market research template in this section. We do so as this deck excels at making sure presenters meet all of the optimal considerations for reliable market research. 

From a sober cover to a punctual summary, the template starts by solidifying your results into a concise visual recap. That’s just a great way to stimulate your audience into knowing out more about your findings. 

The template uses icons where appropriate, never to forget the relevance of clear objectives. It uses graphs and charts to illustrate better what the researcher already knows about the given company. Hence, whether for internal or external use, the material works perfectly at integrating diverse elements into a single slide to the most compelling reflection of that data.

The template uses images to clarify demographics, for example, while evident compositions call for a quick visual recap of the instruments used to furnish the research at hand. 

We won’t go into each slide after another and instead invite you to study this template on your own time and in-depth. However, we will say that our cited market research template uses and combines the most appropriate tools in a diverse set of slides to the most comprehensive and understandable rendition of market research results altogether. Please do give it a try!

- Download it here: Market research template

Image contains a market research template

3- A Business Plan presentation template: further on business resources

Let’s get all of our business references out of the way first, shall we? We’ll leave our academics for last in our account of 5 of our best presentation templates for 2021. And we’ll position them right after our business and sales templates. 

Thorough business planning material

Now, as for our business template, we’re going with our business plan template. And the reasons are quite easy to justify. This template is just a very effective way of putting what would otherwise be a 20-40 page text document into less than 25 slides. It took 21 different ones, to be precise. 

The resource comes with instructions on how to fill a mission statement and where to position that. It also uses charts for financial highlights. And it’s got room for a market summary along with so many more slides. This template is a handy guide that comes with a superb design!

The template stresses out business opportunities as much as the overall business concept. And, in going over every single slide content, it manages the laborious task of putting together an otherwise impossible endeavor of a business plan. It’s also a much friendlier version for your audience to read and see. And that’s also the case whether as a stand-alone document or as your pitching accompaniment. 

Pay special attention to how this template breaks down the financial aspect of a business plan. This resource makes room for graphs, easy-to-view data that are thus also easy to grasp, and a solid rendition of the company’s financial needs. 

It also doesn’t pack the act up without considering risks, rewards, key issues, and more! 

- Download it here: Business plan template

Image contains a business plan presentation template

4- Best presentation template for sales now

Let’s spice it up a bit on this one and refer to a pitch deck revamp. We’re going for our Zuora sales pitch deck in this 4th position now. 

Before we begin, we should let this deck’s reputation speak by itself. Are you familiar with Andy Raskin? If you are, jump ahead past this paragraph. For those of you who could use the intro, Raskin is no less than a sales, marketing, and investor pitch deck expert in the Valley. 

And Raskin called Zuora’s sales pitch deck one of the greatest pitch decks in its category. We thus took the original Zuora sales deck and improved its design, giving you thus an enhanced version of just the best reference out there. 

Raskin details his opinion. And it starts in giving consciousness on how the intro to this precise sales pitch is just great. It achieves that status by mentioning something that’s going on in the world. And it does that instead of going on about the product or company that’s on the spot. In his praise, he also acknowledges how the company managed to link that to the potential win or loss the company could face in response to said event. 

Following up with a teaser on the best case and ideal scenario in many ways is, at least for Raskin, another significant aspect of Zuora’s deck strategy. And he ends by seeing as positive how the presented slides achieve flow from all of the previous facts to an engaging promise. One that is furthermore backed by real success stories and evidence. 

Give the deck a try! If you’re into sales, it’s worth going over this in detail. 

- Download it here: Zuora sales pitch deck

Image contains a sales deck template

5- Story outline presentation template: perfection in a story

Okay, now, for our academics out there - and most assuredly not only for them, let’s move on to our story outline template. 

Especially for entrepreneurs, crafting a story is practical knowledge. And, in that sense, this template is quite the lesson. It details how to plot a premise and how to think about a plot in its more natural structure. However, it also takes the narrative’s timeline into account as much as the order in chapters. 

One of this template’s strengths is the requisite it fosters for users to consider characters and their motivations deeply. It asks all of the right WH- questions while it also pushes a writer to set clear goals and build an entire world for their fictional creation. 

It’s merely high impulse whether you’re working deep in the heart of academia or out in the business field. 

- Download it here: Story outline template

Image contains a story outline template

So much more!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 picks in our selection of 5 of our best presentation templates for 2021. Yet, if you want to skim further options, please always resort to our bank of presentation templates

If you’d rather have someone work on your slides, also feel free to give our design services a peek by clicking below.

Presentation design services
5 Best Slideshow Templates and examples in 2022
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