In this fast-paced digital era, tools get outdated incredibly fast and thus need constant iteration. Our product team works against the clock to release new features, bug fixes and product improvements all the time, and a new version of the tool is pushed live almost every other week :O While some of these changes are simply “the tool working as it should be” or “better and faster”, some of them unlock a whole new layer of possibilities. This is the beginning of an effort to make those changes visible to you, and explain the backstory on why we built them and how to make the most out of them.

Editor Notes


While we transitioned from the legacy version to Slidebean 3, the Editor changed in a way that could no longer fit Notes the way it used to. A feature we knew was essential while working on your slides, and that allows easier collaboration with your team.

We reincorporated them on your Editor with a quick access button to show/hide them while working on your slides.

Where to find it? Go to the Design tab and look for the Notes button on the right-hand side.


Import Slides


Another feature missing from our legacy version, tho this one had been put on hold on purpose. We knew the old version had significant improvement opportunities, and we wanted to redesign the whole process of importing (copying if you may) slides from one presentation to the other.

We finally came up with a solution that allows easier, more custom searches. You can now browse content on a per slide or per presentation basis, and you can select multiple slides to import in your presentation. Furthermore, we now support importing slides from our content templates, so you can extend your searches to curated content by presentation experts.

Where to find it? Go to the sidebar and click on the arrow-down button next to the slides.



We realized that a lot of our users started having a considerable amount of presentations on their Dashboards (whee!), and thus an increasing need to organize their work. Our new Folders feature lets you organize presentations by your own criteria and create bundles of content easily.


One last thing...

Web Push Notifications


Now you can opt-in to have web browser notifications whenever someone sees your presentation. This will help you have a real-time feed of interactions even when you’re not in the app!

So that’s it. We hope the new features will boost your work in Slidebean for you and your teammates. Take them for a spin and let us know what you think!


Notes, Import Slides & Folders

Jan 23, 2018
Vinicio Chanto
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