Know how Slidebean can help you and your team save valuable time while creating highly engaging presentations. Take a look at the new ways to add content, the automatic design process and the ease of collaboration offered by the tool.

Content and design - before and after

What’s the secret sauce?

Separate the content from the design. Just think of the information you want to put on your slides, as if you were writing a draft. Slidebean will then generate an awesome design automatically. This way you can focus on what matters most: your ideas.

Here we show you more about the benefits we offer you:



Perfect Themes

This is where you make your presentation (even more) beautiful. Choose from a variety of Themes that combine colors, fonts and layouts to change the look of your entire presentation with a single click. Slidebean ensures your presentation looks clean and consistent according to the style you need.


Custom Branding

Keeping your brand image is very important, especially in the slides you are going to present to your clients or investors. Slidebean gives you the ability to create a custom branded theme with your own color palette, fonts and logos to use it anytime you need.


The galleries integrated in our tool allow you to use quality content in your slides without the need to look for it somewhere else and import into Slidebean. Access thousands of images in one place and add videos simply by copying the link.



Just search our image gallery and find professional and beautiful photos to use in your presentation. All of them can be shared and published freely under Creative Commons licenses.



Icons are the new trend in dynamic presentations, but we know that it is difficult to find high quality icons for free. That's why we partnered with TheNounProject, one of the best and largest collections of icons today. Enjoy!



Slidebean’s graphs function allows you to display complex data concisely and present the results in a striking way. Our integration with Highcharts allows you to incorporate various types of of beautifully presented graphs with minimal configuration.

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Work productively with your team

Slidebean allows you to create beautiful presentations with your team simultaneously. You can see the changes that others make in real time and the slides are kept up to date for everyone.


Control permissions

Secure your presentations for personal or team use or share them to the general public. Choose who you give access to view or edit your presentations. Then keep them neat and organized in one single place, maximizing your efficiency


Work from anywhere

All the presentations your team creates are stored in the cloud using best-in-class hosting services, so that everyone in your team can access and edit them from anywhere and on any device.


Live presentation

Present remotely anywhere, anytime. Control slides from your device and automatically sync to all your viewers wherever they are.


Measure your audience’s engagement

Slidebean’s Insights feature allows you to track vital presentation viewer statistics. Know who views your presentation, which slides they find engaging and which ones are missing the mark.


Create stunning presentations in minutes

Try Slidebean now. Prepare for free, upgrade when ready.