Startup Insights TCDisrupt Battlefield pitch decks - NY 2016 Day 2

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Startup Insights TCDisrupt Battlefield pitch decks - NY 2016 Day 2
May 16, 2016

Tuesday Session 3


Immersive time travel technology enables tourists to experience destinations at key moments in history through VR videos on smartphones.


A career discovery platform driven by data science. Upscored shows you jobs you're mostly like to get hired for in less than 2 minutes. All you have to do is upload your resume, answer 4 questions and then you'll see what jobs are suited for you.


HomeMe is an app thats reinventing the apartment renting world. They are the first mobile app to pre-approve people for apartment rentals, and it's entirely free. People can get pre-approved, browse properties, book a tour, and lease all on the app.


The startup, Bitpagos, is democratizing the access to financial services in emerging markets through the use of blockchain technology. They are leveraging new developments in payments technology to reduce fees and facilitate faster, simpler, safer transactions with customers around the world.


The company SeaDrone manages intelligent robotic systems to reduce aquaculture lifecycle operation costs of subsea infrastructures. Their first product, SeaDrone Inspection, automates fish farm inspections using a mobile device and subsea robot similar to a smart aerial drone. They say all you need is a SeaDrone and their tablet controller.

Tuesday Session 4


Afraid of hackers? CUJO is a smart firewall that protects your connected home from criminal hackers, so that you can stay secure and private online. Cujo's sophisticated technology easily assimilates into your home network simply by connecting to your existing router.


Ritual is a health technology company reinventing the vitamin. They believe traditional multivitamins aren't doing women any favors, so they formulated one that will. Their team of scientists have identified the only nutrients you need for energy, mood, skin and anti-aging for only $30.


Bark is a common sense solution that helps keep children safe online. The company was originally founded by a parent  who also happens to be a digital media expert who wanted to provide an option to help protect children online with out having to compromise their privacy, Bark empowers parents to work with their children to keep them safe.


Place a Vote nonpartisan platform that gives you the opportunity to read, debate, and vote on every bill that is presented before Congress.  Users are securely verified with results published onto a blockchain-style voting platform. The platform allows real-time data-feeds and analytics for politicians, organizations and media looking to engage with the politically active users.


The company provides personalized card recommendations and budget analysis by understanding the user via past transaction histories and reward preferences. Their mission is to provide transparency and easier access and understanding of information in a complex and crowded space: credit card reward programs.

Startup Insights TCDisrupt Battlefield pitch decks - NY 2016 Day 2
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