8 Beautiful Slide Decks from Startup Chile Pitch Day

Pitch Day Time!  For the past few days we've been part of intensive pitch session by the startups of Generation 8 from Startup Chile. From robots to plantation management, over 75 startups presented their business plans in front of the rest of the class and a panel of high-profile juries.

From the Slidebean perspective, we love coming across beautiful presentations, so we decided to make a selection of the best decks we got the chance to see. We only took into account the quality of the slides themselves; we are not rating the startups themselves or their business model. Also clarifying, these presentations were built by the founders of these startups with their presentation tool of choice, and we've imported them to Slidebean to display them here.

Here they are. 



TechUrSelf is a new approach to social interaction, allowing you to use the internet as a tool for your wellbeing.

Their presentation features a great use of color, and a beautiful selection of fonts.  Another important feature is the 'progress bar' on the left side of the slides.. unobtrusive and very useful to keep track of where you are on the deck. 



My VisualBrief

As the name says it, they are working on an online platform designed to help designers communicate better with their clients, allowing the latter to explain their vision through a Visual Brief. 

We loved the use of images and color as well as the way they summarised the text in very short sentences. They also picked a beautiful and non-mainstream serif font. 




Dextr is an alternative keyboard for your Android device, with a proven model ensure that you type faster and mistake-free. 

This presentation also stands out for the use of color and large, beautiful images. Although we are not big fans of rounded fonts, it seems to work out with the circled logo design. 




Revstr is an funding platform for startups that allows people to invest in startups in exchange for a share of the company's future revenue.

The idea of using beautiful Instagram-colored images as background for the slides really causes a great impression in the audience, and we expect to integrate a similar feature in Slidebean in the coming future. 



The Takes

TheTakes.com is a cloud based project management, resource planning, communications and monitoring tool for the film production.

The whole presentation follows a beautiful flat design style, that is complemented by beautiful flat illustrations that blend perfectly. 


Croak.it is sort of an Instagram for audio, allowing you to record short audio snippets and share them on their community. 

A great and clean slide deck, with a smart use of white and high-saturated colours, as well as an excellent choice of fonts. 



Vibe is a tool that allows you to run a 'background check' on your contacts just before a meeting, so you ensure you can engage them with topics that matter. 

A great use of color and although some slides were a little overcrowded with logos, this was compensated by having clean and simple layouts for the rest of them. 





Topic Flower is a beautiful visual mechanism that allows brands to engage better with their user base. 

Definitely one of our favourites, great use of colour, transitions and animations to strengthen the point. The deck is an excellent example of their -also beautiful- website design.