6 Awesome Slide Decks from Startup Chile - Gen 9

Pitch Time!

This week we had the ever intensive pitch session from Startup Chile, this time by the startups of Generation 9. From clean water solutions to medical crowd-funding, we got to see a great variety of startups on the rise, proving once more we're far from the "everything is already invented" notion.

From the Slidebean perspective, we love coming across awesome presentations, so we decided to make a selection of the best Decks we got the chance to see. We only took into account the quality of the slides themselves; we are not rating the startups themselves or their business model. Also clarifying, these presentations were built by the founders of these startups with their presentation tool of choice, and we've imported them to Slidebean to display them here.

Without further ado, here they are:



Skyberry aims to exponentially lower flight prices by providing a community of experts (freelance flight hackers and travel agents) who find the best deals available.

Their presentation is awesome for several reasons. The most noticeable is the use of full width photography on low opacity with text on top. This has become an absolute trend on web design these days, and that goes for digital media in general. Why? Cause it results in a seamless multilayer that provides depth without being overtly effect-ish. Gorgeous work!



Themidgame is a marketplace where advertisers have access to relevant information about influencers in every industry. Self proclaimed "The place to be for bloggers and advertisers"!

Here are some of the reasons why we loved this presentation: First, the use of logo+colours+imagery is consistent throughout the slides, and this helps establish their brand and conveys the message "this is real, and ready to be shipped" (this is particularly important if you are trying to sell your business idea to a panel of judges). The second thing is their presentation says very little, when not saying anything at all. It's visual, and that means the most important stuff is not on the slides, it's on them!



Rankmi is an independent platform that allows managers worldwide to measure and develop their leadership skills, by taking internal employee assessment outside the companies and giving the information to the managers.

This could have easily resulted in a boring traditional deck, given the nature of the subject. Instead, these guys went bold and made their slides look awesome. How? Notice the use of geometrical shapes (another big trend these year). Another thing is the use of icons, which is not as cognitively loaded as an image could be, and conveys a more pure (unbiased) message. Another cool thing is that despite having a significant amount of text they emphasise some of it with colours and font size, giving it a visual break.



Likeeds is a vertical e-commerce site where parents can get everything  they need for their kids. From clothes and shoes, accessories and furnitures, to services, electronics and toys, it provides new possibilities to a market dominated by few big shots (brands).

What makes this a great presentation is how suitable if feels in regards of the startup itself. It is a kids store, and so it translates visually into the slides. Treating text as if it was an image is a great way of, well, including text. The use of bold, huge fonts displayed in creative ways results in a much pleasant scene than just staring at plain text. Kudos on the use of colours as well. Straight out of a Crayon box!



Fototea is a platform that sells services related to photography, video production and audiovisual editing to individuals or companies. It consists on a two-sided platform that connects talented, up and coming artists with consumers that desire to have an event, a moment or a product captured.

The reason why we liked this presentation is because it successfully tells a story from start to end. It raises questions to the audience, and then provides answers in a synthetic manner. Again, the consistent use of colour and layout subtly helps convey their brand.



Disenia is the place where design lovers can discover and buy the best design products in Latin America with a visual, intuitive, and fun experience. It's an e-commerce site with the differentiation of having a curated selection of products.

This was an awesome presentation. First, the use of white space ("white" meaning nothing in it) gives the slides an uncluttered, clean look. Notice the use of circles throughout the presentation; again the trendy use of geometrical shapes helps draw attention to specific bits of info. Another cool thing is it mainly uses black and white. Doesn't get much simpler than that right? Easier said than done. The key lies in the treatment of the two.

So there you have them! Get inspired and go awesome-ize yours!