What Makes a good Pitch Presentation?

November 28, 2019

Pitch Presentation

What makes a pitch presentation great is a combination of the following:

  • A compelling story
  • An appropriate tone
  • Engaging slides
  • Relevant figures and data

We will cover each area to an excelling pitch deck over the course of this article, starting by the relevance of a compelling story. 

A Compelling Story:

Why Does Storytelling Matter for Pitches?

Storytelling is a craft. In fact, telling stories is such an ancient art that it can be traced back to the initial use of language in human history. People have always used stories as a means of communicating concepts, ideas, getting points across...openly sharing. This is how we learn about our lives and share our knowledge. 

In terms of pitches, storytelling works no differently. Like the painting on caves back in the Paleolithic, stories can shape, color and mold the way we present our products or service offers. Moreover, resorting to stories in order to craft pitches has to do with connecting to a human recurrence of engaging and connecting best through the following of stories; the history that connect us and make us imagine, live, and envision facts a lot more easily. 

In neurological terms, Paul Zak's research has shed light on the actual release of oxytocin in the brain of people who hear stories, which relates to their sense of empathy, care and connection. This means there is actual brain activity happening when audiences hear stories that actually leads them to empathic responses. Imagine the power for a pitch stories thus have!

And finally, as if this were not relevant support itself, stories also have well-known and outlined sequences that are perfect to the understanding of how to craft a perfect pitch deck. As stories bear specific structures and pitch decks also have that, the correct alignment of the two can easily fall into beautifully flowing content and visuals that work wonderfully to deliver the perfect pitch deck presentation. Stories can help mold a dramatic perfection to your pitch deck slides is our point.

Airbnb pitch deck, what make a great pitch deck

Appropiate Tone:

How to Work the Perfect Tone into Presentations

Crafting the perfect tone for your upcoming pitch is tied to your own voice pitch and tone of voice. However, it is furthermore linked to the tone of your product or service. For instance, when delivering a TV show pitch, of which we have written here extensively, the tone the presenter adapts can very easily, also through the art to each slide, be linked to the tone of the show. 

In the case of business products of whatever nature, one should always take into account the tone with which one appeals to the target audience. Any tone can be extracted from the precise product one has or will put in the market. Doing so will easily enhance a pitch presentation’s cohesiveness. 

Furthermore, there is also a visual tone to consider in pitch decks. The palette you choose can speak of elegance in sobriety along with a certain formality or you can take the risk of breaking some molds. In any case, there are definite visual tones of design to consider in an excelling deck. 

Engaging Slides

Slides that Draw Audiences

Considering how to make slides draw audiences into what you are saying is a great investment. Opposite to having people look or walk away from what you are presenting on screen, your slides need to be the bomb! Tied to the information on any slides’ tone, legibility is a definite practical factor to consider, along with text size, font choices, and other more design-oriented aspects. 

While we have tons of very attractive templates with AI-powered design, even choosing the right template (if you decide to go down that route), is a relevant decision. Will you base yourself on a pitch deck template or will you have a freelance designer or agency do all the visual (even content) work for you? In case it helps, we have covered several aspects to making this kind of decisions in this other article. Let’s move on to facts next.

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Relevant Figures and Data

Far from shallow, the greatest of all pitches are those that are fully relevant to anyone in the room. They are compelling and relevant in the sense that they not only pull people into the story in a way that allows them to relate to the offered product or service, but it ultimately also makes numeric and wider sense in entrepreneurial terms. With compelling pitches, an audience would ideally learn from what is being presented.

However, another relevant aspect to consider is that, after all, a pitch deck bears the very specific purpose of selling that of which we speak. Whether for tangible personal or corporate sales, a pitch has the ultimate goal of raising significant funding and profitable social connections for that which necessarily requires some, yet will hopefully go through a lot of, scaling. 

At the end of the day, figures on market size, shares, competitive advantages and many other financial factors are awfully relevant, and how you present these in compelling ways is part of what makes a successful pitch. Bear in mind, however, that there is also a balance to be figured out between giving too much information and just enough to get you to the next meeting, follow-up conversation, etc. 

Slidebean pitch deck what makes a great pitch deck

Summary of Pitch Deck Excellence

A perfect pitch will manage to compel in terms of what is being said, how it is being delivered, what story it tells and how the new information given adds in logical ways to the potential buyers’ interests and needs. 

As part of a pitch deck presentation, however, there are graphic visuals to take into account, the amount of time used overall to deliver a pitch, the tone in which that pitch has been crafted and the stories that will weave all this business content in engaging ways in front of an audience. 

Fortunately, while this may sound like a lot of details to take into account, these are all punctual ways of crafting an excellent pitch deck presentation that will hopefully help you onto your next round in very sensical ways.

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Bonus: Watch our video about How to create a Pitch Deck for Investors

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