Best pitch decks from 500 Startups demo day (cont'd)


Mountary puts your shit on the wall, they are a web framing service. Excellent photography and a vivid color palette is what we loved about their slides! 


Blinq is a companion app that provides you contextual with details about the person you're talking/emailing or texting with. Their pitch is truly inspirational and their slides are a reflection of that. With a vivid red, contrasting with white an black, their deck is out of this world. 

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Last but not least, Elwafeyat is an obituary service focused on the Middle East. Their stunning logo was enough to make it to this selection, but their presentation is even more beautiful.

NativeTap lets Android developers test their app on over 500 devices without the need to actually purchase them. A beautiful and minimalistic presentation that really stood out. 


Vaivolta is a Brazilian marketplace to rent construction equipment, currently booming thanks to the World Cup and Olympics infrastructure spend. With a great use of background images and an excellent font selection, their deck caught our eye. 

Also check out this Awesome Slow Motion Video of the Teams at 500's Batch11.

Your presentations should always look good!