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An excellent PowerPoint presentation has the power to transform your entire business career. Choose a template with the right layout and visualizations, and you could wow investors or secure a new contract with a client. Slidebean has hundreds of professional business templates created by talented designers. But with so many templates on offer, where do you even start? Here are ten of the best professional PowerPoint templates.

1. Company Profile

Image contains a company profile template

A company profile tells colleagues, clients, customers, and investors about your brand. This is your chance to tell those who matter what your company does, what it stands for, and why people should care. A company profile template lets you compile all of this information in one place. You can include a brief history of your business, for example, or a list of the projects you have worked on in the past. This way, people who read your PowerPoint presentation will find out more about your organization.

Slidebean's company profile template is likely to be the perfect match for your business. You can include essentials like your company vision, client list, and contact information, as well as details about your team and services. Take your template to the next level by incorporating an image from Flickr or Unsplash on the cover slide.

2. Business Plan

Image contains a business plan template

If you are starting a new venture, a business plan is crucial. This document describes your company's mission and vision, as well as your previous accomplishments. Think of it like a roadmap that outlines the future success of your brand. Research shows that eight out of 10 businesses fail, so making actionable goals for the future is mission-critical.

There are loads of business plan templates out there, but Slidebean's designers have created one that will benefit your brand. It comes with slides for your mission statement, as well as plenty of space for competitor analysis, market analysis, and your financials. There's even a table of contents so clients and investors can find important information quickly.

3. Press Kit

Image contains a press kit template

Want the world to know about your brand? Contact the media. A press kit contains loads of resources for publishers and reporters, and they can include this information in their publications. Whether you are announcing a new product or want to get the word out about an exciting company development, a press kit is the ultimate communication tool.

Slidebean has a press kit template that takes the stress out of contacting the media. You get access to loads of professional-looking slides, where you can include information about your company's history, goals, and objectives. You can also include statistics about your brand, quotes from members of staff and links to your social media pages.

4. Board Meeting

image contains a board meeting template

The boardroom — it's where deals are made. Now you can impress your colleagues and investors at your next board meeting with a killer PowerPoint presentation. Use it to display important facts and stats, visuals and industry insights. As a result, you can secure seed capital or win a new contact from a valuable client.

Slidebean's board meeting template has everything you need for your presentation, with multiple slides that will grab the attention of your audience. Use this template, and list key performance indicators, core acquisition channels, projected revenue, you name it. You can include your meeting agenda at the start of your presentation, too.

5. Marketing Report

Image contains a marketing report template

Marketing is a crucial component of any business model. In fact, the right marketing strategies can help you drive leads, boost revenue, and increase the visibility of your brand on digital channels like search engines and social media. It's no wonder, then, that marketing budgets make up 11.4 percent of all company spending in the United States.

A marketing report lets you break down your marketing accomplishments and convey this information to your colleagues or clients. Include information about lead generation, customer acquisition and customer growth in one place so your audience can gauge the success of your marketing campaigns. Slidebean's marketing report template includes slides with powerful visuals and lets you display in-depth insights about your sales marketing pipelines.

6. Sales Plan Template

Image contains a sales plan template

Similar to your business plan, your sales plan includes vital information about future business growth for clients and investors. Use this document to outline your current sales strategies and make forecasts about your future campaigns.

Slidebean's designers have curated a sales plan template that lets you list key metrics in a simple and attractive way, as well as facts about your sales strategies. You can even include quotes from customers and details about the history of your company. If you want to secure capital or generate more revenue, this sales plan could prove to be lucrative.

7. Business Budget Template

Image contains a business budget template

Do you have your financials in order? A business budget PowerPoint template will let you showcase important financial information to your managers or board of directors in an innovative way.

Including lots of financial figures in your presentation can often bore your audience, but Slidebean has created a business budget templatethat will make your financials more interesting. Utilizing colorful graphics and fonts, you can customize slides and detail your monthly or annual revenue, financial projections, and sales achievements in one place.

8. Investment Proposal Template

Image contains an investment proposal template

A killer investment proposal will convince investors to part with their cash. This document is one of the most important you will ever create as it could determine the future success of your brand. Your investment proposal should include your goals and objectives, financial forecasts, and the reasons why your audience should invest in your business. Get it right, and you could receive the cash injection that your company needs.

Are you looking for an investment proposal PowerPoint template? Look no further than Slidebean. Their team of designers has created a traditional pitch deck with more than 15 backup slides and loads of graphics. Use this template to tempt investors at your next board meeting.

9. Professional Profile Template

Image contains a professional profile template

A professional profile is a valuable tool if you are applying for a new job or want to switch career. It's a new twist on the classic resume — this document includes all of your professional achievements so future employers can find out more about you. You can also compile a professional profile if you want customers and clients to learn more about your qualifications, educational background, and accomplishments.

Slidebean's professional profile template for PowerPoint has a plethora of slides that will let you list your background and skills. You can include your contact information, educational experience, qualifications, soft skills, and much more.

10. Social Media Kit Template

Image contains a social media kit template

A social media kit tells the press, clients, and customers about your social media strategies. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can outline your social campaigns and list your social media marketing resources. As social media usage skyrockets — more than 50 million small businesses use Facebook alone — social media kits will become increasingly popular in the future.

Now you can list your social media accomplishments with Slidebean's social media kit. Include details about your social audiences, preferred channels, and media assets on beautifully-designed contemporary slides that will impress your audience.

The ten professional PowerPoint templates on our list will revolutionize your next presentation and capture the attention of your audience. Whether you're a startup, scaleup, or established brand, you'll find an awesome template that suits your business. Click here to sign up to Slidebean for free.

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