+100,000 sales decks

+2,000 companies


A completely new way to engage your prospects

Our technology allows you to focus on the content of your deck, while the design and style are taken care of automatically. 



A Sample Sales Pitch


Track all activity on your presentations

Track your viewer's actions for each presentation, from the time they spent in the presentation to the number of slides they saw. Take actions based on their engagement.


Learn from each viewer's behavior

You can also see analytics from every person. This way you can track the behavior and interest from a specific client or investor.


Work as a team

Create team accounts and work together seamlessly with all your team, all your presentations in one place.


unified design

Keep your branding throughout your presentations with custom palettes and fonts that you can reuse anytime.


share everywhere

Wherever you are, share your presentations with everyone in any device, it will always look perfect.


privacy control

Manage your team presentations privacy and keep your information safe with our encrypted security.